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UAV Aircraft Insurance Application
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Introducing Unmanned Aircraft Insurance from Stonewall

The unmanned aircraft industry is poised for takeoff, with dramatic implications for everything from public safety, to farming, to infrastructure maintenance.

AIG has developed Unmanned Aircraft Insurance expressly for the exposures facing operators of remotely piloted, semi-autonomous, and fully autonomous aircraft. Our Unmanned Aircraft Insurance policy provides broad physical damage and third party liability coverage designed for the exposures of these unmanned vehicles.

Additionally, Lexington Insurance Company has developed an innovative endorsement to its commercial general liability insurance for public entities that provides express liability coverage for the insured's unmanned aircraft.

Coverage is designed for unmanned aircraft up to five pounds, with wingspans up to three feet -- Precisely the type of craft we expect many of our public entity clients will be utilizing in the near future.

Coverage Available

  1. Platform/Aircraft Hull Physical Damage
  2. Payload Hull Physical Damage
  3. Ground Equipment Physical Damage
  4. Non-Owned Aircraft Physical Damage
  5. Liability to Third Parties (Bodily Injury/Property Damage)
  6. War/Hijacking/Malicious Damage Risks
  7. Personal Injury (including Invasion of Privacy)

Industries Covered

  1. Agriculture
  2. Construction Support
  3. Educational Research / Development
  4. Energy Infrastructure / Inspection/ Support
  5. Fire Fighting / Support
  6. Instruction and Training
  7. Mapping / Geophysical
  8. Media / News Gathering
  9. Military
  10. Movie / Film production
  11. Other Commercial Photography / Videography
  12. Package Delivery
  13. Police
  14. Property Survey / Inspection / Real Estate
  15. Sales / Demo
  16. Search and Rescue
  17. Surveillance
  18. Wildlife / Conservation
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